sweet1 W3S2 [swi:t] adj comparative sweeter superlative sweetest
3¦(children/small things)¦
7 have a sweet tooth
9 keep somebody sweet
10 in your own sweet way/time
11 a sweet deal
12 sweet FA
13 sweet nothings
14 be sweet on somebody
15 Sweet!
[: Old English; Origin: swete]
1.) ¦(TASTE)¦
containing or having a taste like sugar
→↑sour, bitter ↑bitter, dry ↑dry
This tea is too sweet.
sweet juicy peaches
sweet wine
kind, gentle, and friendly
a sweet smile
How sweet of you to remember my birthday!
especially BrE looking pretty and attractive
= ↑cute
Your little boy looks very sweet in his new coat.
making you feel pleased, happy, and satisfied
Revenge is sweet.
the sweet smell of success
the sweet taste of victory
Goodnight, Becky. Sweet dreams.
5.) ¦(SMELLS)¦
having a pleasant smell
sweet-smelling flowers
the sickly sweet (=unpleasantly sweet) smell of rotting fruit
6.) ¦(SOUNDS)¦
pleasant to listen to
≠ ↑harsh
She has a very sweet singing voice.
7.) have a sweet tooth
to like things that taste of sugar
8.) ¦(WATER/AIR)¦
if you describe water or air as sweet, you mean that it is fresh and clean
≠ ↑stale
She hurried to the door and took great gulps of the sweet air.
9.) keep sb sweet informal
to behave in a pleasant, friendly way towards someone, because you want them to help you later
I'm trying to keep Mum sweet so that she'll lend me the car.
10.) in your own sweet way/time
if you do something in your own sweet way, you do it in exactly the way that you want to or when you want to, without considering what other people say or think
You can't just go on in your own sweet way; we have to do this together.
11.) a sweet deal
AmE a business or financial deal in which you get an advantage, pay a low price etc
I got a sweet deal on the car.
12.) sweet FA also sweet Fanny Adams
BrE informal nothing at all - used when someone wants to avoid saying a swear word directly
'How much did they pay you for that job?' 'Sweet FA!'
13.) sweet nothings
things that lovers say to each other
a couple whispering sweet nothings to each other
14.) be sweet on sb
old-fashioned to be very attracted to or in love with someone
15.) Sweet!
spoken informal used to say that you think that something is very good
'I got four tickets to the concert.' 'Sweet!'
>sweetly adv
home sweet home athome1 (13)
short and sweet atshort1 (1), ↑sweetness
sweet 2
sweet2 S2 n
1.) BrE
a small piece of sweet food made of sugar or chocolate
American Equivalent: candy
Eating sweets is bad for your teeth.
a sweet shop
a packet of boiled sweets (=hard sweets that taste of fruit)
2.) [U and C] BrE
sweet food served after the meat and vegetables part of a meal
= ↑dessert
Would you like a sweet, or some cheese and biscuits?
3.) (my) sweet
old-fashioned used when speaking to someone you love
Don't cry, my sweet.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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